Innovator (feat. Lee Hi) – More Than A TV Star (Show Me The Money 4)

an inspirational lyrics, especially at chorus. I love the way InnoVator raps and Lee Hi sang their part..
❤ it!

pop!gasa - kpop translation lyrics

Some graduate from top universities and are busy making money
When they got acknowledged by their friends and parents
I thought to myself, what am I doing these days?
But time keeps flowing, the clock keeps ticking

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[Vignette] Dearest Wish

My Author Project (8)

YG Entertainment Fanfiction

Dearest Wish poster [AnimePutri@Homedesign]

Scriptwriter : Aoko Cantabile

Main Cast : Lee Hayi (Lee Hi) & Kim Hanbin (B.I iKON)

Support Cast : –

Genre : Fantasy, AU, Love Life, Angst, OOC

Duration : Vignette (± 2022 words)

Rating: Teen

Disclaimer :

 This story really inspired by chapter Kapitel 97 & 98 of manga 07 Ghost.

Plot & beberapa percakapan sama dengan aslinya, author menambahkan sedikit improvisasi untuk memperjelas alur cerita.

Thanks for the awesome’s poster AnimePutri@Homedesign

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So this is love. A feeling like drugs. –Verloren

Father, this old loner! But strangely, I like him. – Eve

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