[Prompt Fiction] Self and Other

Prompt Fiction ; Self & Other
_prompt from Sher

YG Entertainment Fanfiction

Self & Other (fix version)

Cast : Kim Donghyuk (Donghyuk iKON) & Lalisa Manoban (Lalice of trainee for YGNGG)

Genre : Surrealism, Psychology, AU, Love Life, Angst, Sad, OOC,

Duration : Ficlet (± 563 words) | Rating : PG

a fic by : AokoCantabile

read also : Exsecratus


I’m a house of cards, in a hurricane.

A reckless fire, in the pouring rain.

(Helpless when She Smile ; Backstreet Boys)

prompt by : Sher


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[The Black Shadow of iKON] Exsecratus

a sequel of Ghost of You
the third event [The Black Shadow of iKON] present..
an inspired fic from “Another” stories..

YG Entertainment Fanfiction



A sequel of Ghost of You

Scriptwriter : Aoko Cantabile [@watashiwaisti]

Main Cast : Kim Donghyuk (Donghyuk iKON) & Lalisa Manoban (Lalice of trainee for YGNGG)

Slight cast : Kim Jinhwan (Jinhwan iKON)

Genre : Horror, Mystery, Psychology, Angst, Sad, Tragedy, OOC

Duration : Vignette (±1500 words)

Rating : PG-15

Disclaimer :

I just own my storyline. The casts belong to GOD, YG Entertainment & themselves.

I’m inspired by the novel & anime Another


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Fortis est ut mors dilectio

_Love is as strong as death_

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