[BPF EVENT] Fragment Memories

Pengen liat kisah tragis sodara kembar Jisoo-Jiwon?
Mari mampir di lapak ini!

Mohon dukungannya dengan like/pun komen mengenai opini kalian terhadap fic ini…


Black Pink Fanfiction




AUTHOR : AokoCantabile

CAST : Kim Jisoo (Jisoo of Black Pink) & Kim Jiwon (Bobby of iKON)

also with Song Yunhyeong (Yunhyeong of iKON)

GENRE : Family, Brothership, Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Psychology, Slice of Life

Length : Vignette (±2300 words)

Rating : General, Teen


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[Ficlet] More Than A TV Star

a request fic for my sweetie dongsaeng rchren

YG Entertainment Fanfiction

More Than a TV Star

Scriptwriter : AokoCantabile  [@watashiwaisti]

Main Cast : Kim Jiwon (Bobby iKON), Kim Hanji (OC)

Genre : Sad, Romance, Love Life, Slice of Life, OOC, Songfic

Duration : Ficlet (± 518 words)

Rating: Teens

Disclaimer :

I just own my storyline. The casts belong to GOD, YG Entertainment and themselves.

I’m inspired by lyrics of More Than a TV Star by InnoVator feat. Lee Hi

Kim Hanji belongs to Ren


 Don’t let the world change who you are. You can be more than a TV star.


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