[Ficlet] A Letter to U (Special Tribute to Taehyun of WINNER)

Special dedicated to Taehyun T_T

YG Entertainment Fanfiction


Cast : Nam Taehyun

Genre : Angst, Hurt/Comfort

Duration : Ficlet (± 450 words) | Rating : General

a fic by : AokoCantabile 


In your world, there wasn’t any place for me

Out of sudden, I took a place because of some feelings

As time passes, that place was getting smaller so I got scared

But still I like you

_Nam Taehyun ; I’m Young


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[Ficlet] HIM


YG Entertainment Fanfiction

HIM (fix version)

Cast : Song Minho (Mino WINNER) & Choi Hana (OC)

Slight Cast : Hera D. #just mention her name

Genre : AU, Angst, Sad, Hurt/Comfort, Slice of Life, OOC

Duration : Ficlet (± 339 words) | Rating : PG

a fic by : AokoCantabile 

*a spesial fic for my dearest unnie, Kak Dell. Love U always ❤

read also : IT , YOURS,MINE


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[Ficlet] MINE


YG Entertainment Fanfiction

Mine (fix version)

Cast : Kim Jennie (Jennie YNGG), Nam Taehyun (Taehyun WINNER) & I

Slight Cast : Kim Jinwoo (Jinwoo WINNER), Gong Minji (Minzy 2NE1)

#just mention their names

Genre : AU, Love Life, Dark, Psycho, Crime, OOC & a little bit Fantasy

Duration : Ficlet (± 842 words) | Rating : PG-15

a fic by : AokoCantabile 

read also :IT , YOURS


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[Ficlet] FATUM


YG Entertainment Fanfiction

FATUM (fix version)


Scriptwriter : AokoCantabile [ @watashiwaisti ]

Main Cast : Kim Jinwoo (Jinwoo Winner), Moon Byul (Mamamoo)

Slight Cast : Kim Jennie (Jennie of YGNGG), Nam Taehyun (Taehyun Winner)

<just mention their names>

Genre : Fantasy, AU, Crossover, Love Life, Romance, OOC

Duration : Ficlet (± 659 words)

Rating: PG-12 (for some harsh words)

Disclaimer :

I just own my storyline.

The casts belong to GOD, YG Entertainment and themselves.

Don’t judge story by title & poster!!

Let’s Read & Review !!!


_You are my sun and I am your moon.

[Aoko Cantabile ; Fatum[1]]


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[Vignette] Seconda Possibilità

a request fic for my long everlasting kind unnie ,델라

YG Entertainment Fanfiction

Seconda Possibilità (fix version)

Scriptwriter : AokoCantabile  [@watashiwaisti]

Main Cast : Song Minho (Mino WINNER), Choi Hana (OC)

Slight Cast : Shim Yi Lin (OC)

Genre : Sad, Hurt, Love Life, Slice of Life, OOC, Crime

Duration : Vignette (± 1136 words)

Rating: Teens

Disclaimer :

I just own my storyline. The casts belong to GOD, YG Entertainment and themselves.

Choi Hana belongs to Kak Dell & Shim Yi Lin belongs to Eli

Warning :

Alur terkadang membingungkan. Harap dibaca perlahan!


If you can’t get someone out of your mind, maybe they are supposed to be there. -NN


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[Let’s Grow Together] Our Song

The First Event.
_Double Blue’s first collaboration with WINNER cast.

YG Entertainment Fanfiction


Double Blue’s (Aokocantabile & Azzurachan) storyline: Our Song
Main cast: Winner  Other
|| Cast: CEO Yang Hyun Seok
Genre: Brothership, Friendship || Rating: General
Length: Oneshoot (2.498 words)

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YG Entertainment Fanfiction

We Are Not Singless!!

Scriptwriter : Aoko Cantabile

Main Cast : WINNER Members (Kang Seungyoon, Kim Jinwoo, Song Mino, Lee Seunghoon, Nam Taehyun), Kamu

Support Cast : B.I & Jinhwan iKON, Lee Hi, Soohyun Akdong Musician

Genre : Friendship, Comedy, Fluff, (Random?)

Duration : Ficlet (±800)

Rating: Teen

Disclaimer :

Fanfiction ini aku dedikasikan untuk teman-temanku.

Hahaha.. sesama jomblo jangan saling meledek!

Sangat cocok untuk dibaca saat malam minggu 😀

Ceritanya sangat-sangat terinspirasi oleh meme yg aku temukan di situs allkpop : http://www.allkpop.com/meme_view/nhuppa/so/po

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Aneh rasanya melihat lima orang pria tampan seperti mereka hanya duduk-duduk santai di balkon rumah di malam seperti ini.


Kamu sebagai tetangga si pemilik rumah yang kebetulan memiliki anak lelaki imut sekomplek, duduk di balkon rumahmu untuk mencari udara segar. Suhu udara malam ini memang panas dibandingkan malam-malam sebelumnya. Walaupun kamu mengetahui bahwa malam ini adalah malam minggu, malam dimana sepasang kekasih…

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