[Vignette] NEW DIVIDE


YG Entertainment Fanfiction

New Divide (fix version)


Scriptwriter : AokoCantabile [ @watashiwaisti ]

Main Cast : Lee Chaerin (CL 2NE1) & Bang Yongguk (Yongguk B.A.P)

Genre : Fantasy, AU, Crossover, Crime, Tragedy, Angst, Hurt,  OOC, Songfic

Duration : Vignette (± 1825 words)

Rating: PG-12 (for some harsh words)

Disclaimer :

I just own my storyline.

The casts belong to GOD, YG Entertainment and themselves.

Don’t judge story by title & poster!!

Let’s Read & Review !!!


_In every loss in every lie. In every truth that you’d deny

And each regret and each goodbye was

a mistake too great to hide

And your voice was all I heard. That I get what I deserve.

[Linkin Park ; New Divide]


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